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Despite the loss of Jewish independence, Jews continued to live in Hebron (Nehemiah ), and the city was later incorporated into the (Jewish) Hasmonean kingdom by John Hyrcanus.

has a nearly identical derivation and also refers to Abraham (Ibrahim), whom Muslims similarly describe as the friend of God.

However, the restored Islamic (Mameluke) ascendancy was less tolerant than the pre-Crusader Islamic (Arab) regimes — a 1266 decree barred Jews (and Christians) from entering the Tomb of the Patriarchs, allowing them only to ascend to the fifth, later the seventh, step outside the eastern wall.

The Jewish cemetery -- on a hill west of the Tomb — was first mentioned in a letter dated to 1290.

Hebron is one of the most important marketplaces in the Palestinian Territories.

Numbers states that (Canaanite) Hebron was founded seven years before the Egyptian town of Zoan, i.e.

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