Jamie lomas dating

I’ve been on the show for years now, so I’ve got loads of really good mates on the show.

No, I’ve already got my two kids [son Billy, 11, with former partner Haley Lever, and daughter Polly, six, with Kym].

But will the show be able to achieve the same success this year?

Well, ITV has set the bar pretty high and will need to be pulling out all the stops to stand a chance. On Sunday, November 4, ITV confirmed that we were just two weeks away from watching another batch of celebrities tackle bugs, critters and all other sorts of fears in their bid to be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.

The 41-year-old’s certainly passionate about his work as a soap actor – and wouldn’t rule out returning to East Enders one day – but he’s notoriously tight-lipped when we ask him about his personal life. Even though his on-screen partner Sienna [Anna Passey] might be pregnant in the soap, he’s certainly not broody these days… He wanted revenge on him after Bart gave his sister Katy the drugs that killed her. He acted on impulse and he didn’t think about the consequences. I like to wind people up, but that’s about as far as it gets.

Last summer, it was reported that he was dating beauty queen Jamie Lee Williams after his 2014 divorce from Kym Marsh, but we’re shut down by the show’s PR when we ask if he’s single. It’s a dark time for Warren on Hollyoaks right now. Sienna tried to calm Warren down by reminding him that he needs to think of the children, but she can’t stop him. And after he kills Bart, he’s got a body to bury and dispose of, and Sienna helps him. READ THE LATEST CELEB GOSSIP HERE Your onscreen partner Sienna is pregnant in the show – does that make you broody at all?

Although Conor may currently be the more famous sibling, Jack isn't far behind with 1.1 million subscribers to his You Tube channel.

Now, it looks like he's trying to move forward by heading into the jungle.

Jennifer Metcalfe is pregnant at the moment –have you given her any parenting advice?

I don’t need to – I’m sure she’ll be fine, will Jennifer.

New queen of the WAGS Rebekah has also been spotted at Brisbane Airport.

She was photographed after stepping off the plane before being whisked off to a privet five star hotel near to the IAC camp.

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