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However, so long as all of your face is clearly visible, Dating DNA will crop your primary photo to a headshot for you after you upload it. It is fine to have photos showing your body, but please do that in a tasteful way in your secondary photos.

Every day, more and more people are using social networking sites to find new people to date.

You should not be wearing masks, scarves, bandannas, sunglasses, or extreme costume makeup which make it difficult to see your face clearly.

No drawings, paintings, images, pets, art, cars, landscapes, etc. For your primary headshot photo, please try to upload a photo that is cropped showing only your face, from the neck up, and nothing else. No one else should be in the photo with you (friends, babies, children, pets, etc.). You can not be shirtless, semi-shirtless, or in a bikini/swimsuit in your primary photo.

- First photo must be a "headshot." If you are going to upload photos of yourself, at least one must be a "headshot" (face only, from the neck up) that can be used for your primary profile photo.

If you do not want to upload a photo showing your face, then please don't upload any photos, this way you respect those who choose to exclude profiles without a photo from their Match results.

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