Is jordan todosey dating

We kick off the season with Sav looking as DORKY AS POSSIBLE in his toga, and gold crown. (Remember that geeky cowboy outfit he wore to the Degrassi Hoe-down last season?

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Boy finds out Girl is WAY taller than boy, which makes boy feel inadequate and effeminate.

at college.” And it sounded so lame, and was such an obvious lie, that I don’t know how a “smart” doctor like Dr.

Please save this type of Deep Dark Secret, until AFTER date 3.

And then, they can hook up, without him having to worry about those pesky Statutory Rape charges.

Mc Too Old agrees to the plan, after all, not many women (which is 25, since I realize I haven’t mentioned it before) are big fans of Dungeons and Dragons, and LARPing .

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