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I want to experience peak but there’s no way in hell I’m watching eight hours of this shit. Lloyd’s unwavering devotion to Ari is uncomfortably reminiscent of the subservient Asian stereotype. If I were famous I wouldn’t want all my buddies living with me, and my buddies are THE SHIT. I’ve seen two episodes; he did one movie and didn’t do another. Why is a gay guy using “cocksucker” as a pejorative? To be fair, Adrian Grenier speaks decent Spanish, and this is probably my favorite episode of so far. Oh wait, the boys are super chill all the time always, never mind.Two minutes in and the gang is already on a shopping spree. What about Vince makes Mandy Moore want to be with him? You know, the jokes about this show are true: everything always works out. But that’s like saying “I like this anal cyst more than the others.” Four episodes in and I’m not quite sure where the jokes are in this show. Four seasons in and E is starting to actually show some ability as a producer and manager.“Guys like you” was the show’s premise, and its success has demonstrated that guys who dream of being around rows of violently objectified female bodies will watch stories about a guy who plausibly has that kind of access.But it makes Sasha Grey (earlier constructed as the perfect girl who likes sex, partying, and even literature) sick.His screaming tirades and neologistic profanity were alway practice in the maintenance of authority.There are bumps along the road but the show has stayed consistent: he yells and he wins.There will be a half-dozen more episodes of the show, and I don’t know where the writers will take it from here.

IMDb has three episodes of ‘s first season ranked at an 8.3.The trigger for Ari’s crisis is the public release of tapes of him, well, being himself. Fuck you.” That’s not a line from , it’s a well-aimed critique of the show’s first six seasons!Recordings of Ari screaming at inferiors, associates, and enemies – which is how he conducts his business – cause a scandal. The series’s plot has long been a loose shell for Ari’s profanity, Vince’s eyes, and shots of shiny expensive things, which makes it all the more interesting that the method of Ari’s downfall should be the public release of tapes of him at business as usual.There’s something self-flagellating in Ari’s collapse; Piven’s foul-mouthed scrappiness has carried the show for years, but it is uncovered in the seventh season as what it always has been: harassment and abuse. His true face is the lie, and the implied viewer fell for it. In the wake of a stunt accident, he has started living extreme: jumping out of a plane, ditching meetings, and snorting a whole bunch of blow.While yelling at his wife’s sister who is in town to support her, Ari threatens to hit the sister with a frying pan. He has become a red-eyed shadow of his former self, passionless and alone, fraying at the edges.

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