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Linn says she recently left Minsheng Hospital and now works at a different location.

“I am not a model or a photographer,” Linn wrote, as translated by Stomp.

By day, nurse Carina Linn gives back to her community.

During her off time, though, the 23-year-old gives her legion of Instagram followers something to fawn over.

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The Internet – the bestower of all labels – recently dubbed Linn the “World’s Sexiest Nurse.” Linn has amassed more than 220,000 Instagram followers since Stomp, one of Asia’s leading citizen journalism websites, published the nurse-turned-amateur model in a recent edition. K.’s Sun also has profiled the nursing professional, who says she simply enjoys snapping racy photos.

She called her detractors “jealous” in a recent social media post in which she’s wearing nursing scrubs.

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