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Border patrol routes shift along parallel pathways at the waters edge.Freed from the confines of the concrete liner, the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo once again sinks into the floodplain after a 30 year absence.History and Context: The Expanding US-Mexico Border In the past 150 years, the US--Mexico border has changed from an invisible and unmapped line into a 2,500 mile frontier region with a unique set of economic, social, and spatial conditions.Perhaps the most remarkable phenomena are the exponential growth of twin cities along the border, and the thickening and expansion of the border itself.The re-introduction of water gives rise to riparian ecosystems including bosques, tall grass meadows and wetlands.

But this explains why English has such a rich and varied vocabulary, and why writers focus on words as a means of inflecting meaning, rather than employing elegant subjunctive endings etc.

Border cities, such as El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, are linked together by an intricate network of global economic forces, yet they are physically and politically separated.

Habitation within these cities is often improvisational as infrastructures cannot keep pace with the steady influx of more people.

Contemporary festivals (such as county fairs and Burning Man) will experiment with how the marginal space can be temporarily occupied.

This design explores how time, entropy and indeterminacy can be used to design a marginalized urban space.

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