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In the Caddo Sheriff’s debate at Broadmoor Presbyterian Church on September 29, Sheriff Steve Prator continued his aggressive rhetoric by ridiculing the process of due process in law enforcement, along with flipping off the District Attorney’s office in front of the public.

He has shown a blatant disregard for the quality of communication between his department and the citizens of Caddo Parish, and we believe it is a grave mistake to ignore this in the face of so much compelling evidence.

In fact, Charles Scott was in Baton Rouge, working with the legislature to recover the commissions for his investigators, at the time that he passed away.

Sheriff Steve Prator has also been known in the past to target and harass those who oppose him.

Our response was a clarified story after having contacted the family of Mr.

Ibrahim and received exclusive interviews to the events that transpired, and have been in contact with several outside agencies that are willing to investigate the actual causes of this blatant oversight in authority.

Many staff members later shared their grievances with us privately or often confirmed our suspicions when we mentioned it, and were glad to support our cause.

In trying to find the documents that would prove true or false the allegations that were made at the forum, we encountered confusing and evasive responses from clerks and Caddo Sheriff’s Office staff.The Inquisitor even called the man who was killed an “urban terrorist” and echoed the loaded suspicions of news channels like KTBS and The Shreveport Times.The follow-up story that they did on the incident’s aftermath was much more somber.After we began to investigate the claims we had read and heard about, it became very troublesome to continue as we faced increased threats and harassment from law enforcement and ardent supporters of the Caddo Parish Sheriff.The most recent of these articles addressed how Sheriff Prator covered the tracks of a staff member of the Sheriff’s Department who was caught viewing child pornography while at work.

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