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But this was the first picture where people really started noticing lol.

Also I freaking miss summer already A post shared by Amethyst Rose (Myst) (@amethystbby) on If @ladygaga ever plays a role in a movie where she needs to portray a teenage her I'm all for it I'm also okay with being a stunt double lol #ladygaga #whenwegonnameet @mrrpmurphy A post shared by Amethyst Rose (Myst) (@amethystbby) on Twitter is so helpful when it comes to titles of your pictures.

The pop star this month informed the world that she suffers from fibromyalgia, which causes chronic muscle pain.

In the documentary, she visits the doctor, she curls up on a couch, she cries in agony. The caption is a lengthy apology to her fans for having to postpone upcoming performances due to her condition.

Authenticity, fixed identity, and even the limitations of the human body were, explicitly, jokes in her universe. But Gaga has spent the past three years deconstructing her previous project, which is its own kind of performance.

“I use the word ‘suffer’ not for pity, or attention, and have been disappointed to see people online suggest that I’m being dramatic, making this up, or playing the victim to get out of touring,” she wrote.

It must be pretty thrilling to resemble a celebrity — especially if it’s someone you admire.

An 18-year-old on Instagram looks like Lady Gaga, and she doesn’t even need a meat dress to convince us.

This bias is, in fact, so familiar that there are scripts that a plugged-in, empathetic person might use to respond to Gaga.

“Believe women,” goes the mantra of campaigns to curb sexual assault.

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