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She has used the principals of investing to develop a members-only online database where women can search potential dates using ratings based on details from their exes.When Abby meets the one man who seems to beat the odds, she almost lets her obsession with finding his hidden flaws undermine her second chance at love.Save yourself time girl, so you can get insider tips from both sides.With some of our clever tricks you can vastly increase your number of matches, and conversions to dates.Her "crime" was completely inappropriate for a 30-something to commit, but she is easily forgivable because you can see that behind her mistake, she is a good, likable person with the same weaknesses and fears as the rest of us, and she takes responsibility for her actions. O'Connell should write a sequel to this novel, I would buy it in a hearbeat.i enjoy jennifer o'connell's writing, and it seems to improve with each book.the main character's emotions result in unethical behavior, beyond what i'd usually accept in a likable person but somehow you do still feel for her.

Mitch felt that he could not handle Abby and he told her he was not planning on dating her so I could not see them together ever.

This course starts right from downloading the app, and takes you all the way through to opening lines, getting phone numbers, and ultimately booking in a date.

Recently divorced financial whiz Abby Dunn has an idea that will save women from repeating the dating mistakes of others.

I never really understood why Abby was divorced from Alex other than they fell out of love or possibly that Abby was afraid to love.

It seemed to me that she was very much harmed from her parent's divorce many years earlier.

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