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" Maybe she did, maybe she ignored his text and was sitting on her couch watching a movie.In either case, Scott began to pursue her in earnest, not wanting to lose her to another man. It's a little bit like buying a car: you know what you want and the dealer is being a bit wishy-washy.She said the worst part of it was that she received absolutely no support from her husband, Matt, a high-end home builder, either during the pregnancy or following the miscarriage.Also, Matt’s mother, Maude, a saint in Matt’s eyes, had just died.

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I'm not saying this is the most genuine move - more genuine would be being up front about what you want and seeing if he is on the same page - but the pull away is effective.At the funeral, Matt refused to talk to Tracy, but embraced his former girlfriend, who Maude had preferred to Tracy.Maude also preferred his former girl-friend’s child by Matt, a 14 year-old-boy, Dillon, over Tracy’s 5-year-old daughter by Matt.He has made it extremely clear he's not seeing other people 5.He's mentioned you in the future tense of "if you were my girlfriend..."If you haven't received any of those sorts of signs from him, you may be farther from the gf/bf status than you would like.

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