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The divorce rate in America has been estimated at 40%, but if surveys were to only concentrate on show business duos, it would surely be closer to 100.Last week, separation came for singer Robin Thicke and actor Paula Patton—former teen sweethearts who married in 2005—as gossip sites wondered if Thicke’s bouncy cooperation with Miley Cyrus’s stage antics threw a dirty wrench into the marriage.Add to this scenario the fact that stars are often apart for long stretches of time—usually with attractive, available people—and the temptation to stray is generally far higher than in a setup between two office workers who don’t have the option of caring about fooling around with extras, dressing room jellybean flavors, or what their best side is.No wonder so many star couples try to work together as often as possible.(It worked for Woody and Mia—for a while.) Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have appeared together in four films, and even sans cameras, they obviously click, having been scandal-free marrieds since 1988.Multiple Oscar nominee Julianne Moore has also been in four of her filmmaker husband Bart Freundlich’s projects, which clearly helps cement their creative and personal bond.

Having tracked celebrities for years, I know full well the perils of creative-arts coupling.Before Mac Farlane's big-screen superstardom — and before Bynes' big meltdown — the duo briefly dated in 2008 despite their 12-year age difference.But Mac Farlane and Bynes are hardly the only surprising former couple in Hollywood.Not long ago, Hawn told a talk show host, “Marriage does not necessarily mean that you’re going to stay together, and it really has to do with your will to be together, your devotion, and your ability to listen to each other.” How inspiring—and rare. His most recent book, Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back, is a collection of some of his feistiest interviews, gossip romps, and observations.Knowing that Hawn and Russell are the exceptions to so many rules should have other stars applauding while running to do what Meryl Streep did: Marry a sculptor.

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