Herpes dating sle

Post herpetic neuralgia was defined as pain persisting more than 1 month after resolution of cutaneous lesions.

For the purposes of this study, we included as cases only those patients with a history of Herpes Zoster anytime after the first physician diagnosis of SLE.

Cases were matched 1:2 to controls for age, race, sex and duration of follow up.

Cumulative clinical manifestations of disease and its treatment were compared between patients with and without Herpes Zoster to determine its risk factors.

Immunosuppressive medications were discontinued at the time of diagnosis of Zoster in 19 of 32 patients and all patients received antiviral medications.

There were no permanent neurologic deficits or deaths.

Indeed, several studies have reported an increased incidence of Herpes Zoster in patients with SLE [13–18].

There have been no studies in the Saudi population addressing the frequency or natural history of Herpes Zoster infections in patients with SLE or the desirability of withdrawing their immunosuppressive medications and or instituting antiviral therapy.

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