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Glen Mayhall, MD Division of Infectious Diseases Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia Emily Rhinehart Smith, RN Nurse Epidemiologist Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland, Ohio Joyce L.

Safian, RN, FNP, MA President North Bay Corporate Health Services, Inc. Valenti, MD Hospital Epidemiologist University of Rochester Medical Center Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, New York Catherine M.

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Finally, the adoption of these recommendations by hospitals does not guarantee that hospital personnel will adhere to them.

Continuous or periodic evaluation of patient-care practices, preferably under the supervision of the infection control staff, might assure continued performance of correct practices.

Contributors from the Hospital Infections Program, Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control Robert W. Grace Emori, RN, MS Nurse Epidemiologist Surveillance and Prevention Branch Julia S.

To address these last 2 types of practices, realizing that hospitals must make decisions in the absence of definitive data, we have sought the advice of working groups composed of non-CDC experts with broad experience in infection control.

CDC has endorsed such recommendations if members of the working group have determined that the recommended practices are likely to be effective.

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