Hermaphrodite girls

Among the curious who examined her, there were without doubt several who lacked sufficient enlightenment to judge her condition accurately, and who concurred in the most common opinion that she inspired, which was that she was a .

There were so many well known doctors and surgeons who would haughtily assure the public that she was really that which she said she was, and would guarantee it with their certificates, that apparently one could have acquired a great reputation in Medicine and Surgery without having a great depth of solid knowledge or genuine capacity. Saviard, finding himself to be the only skilled man who was unbelieving, gave in to the pressing demands of his friends to have a look, and and examined this prodigal in their presence.

That which is given at birth, even, perhaps, at conception, does not change into another; there is no person in whom the two sexes are perfect, that is to say who could reproduce in herself as a woman, and also outside himself as a man, [..as much as the male to produce out of another and the female to produce in her own self...] in the words of one canonist.

Nature never permanently confuses these true signs, nor its true marks; nature ultimately shows the characteristics that distinguish sex; and if from time to time these are hidden in infancy, they are definitively revealed in puberty.

One could raise this question in the times of ignorance; one should no longer propose it during the enlightened centuries.

If nature wanders sometimes in the production of man, it does not go as far as metamorphoses, confusions of substances, and perfect assemblages of two sexes.

In this invigorating state of humanity, the least effort can produce parts which have never before been perceived; witness Marie Germain, of whom Paré spoke, who, after having jumped a creek, appeared a man at the same moment, and was never seen again as the sex by which she had previously been known.The famous Marguerite Malaure would certainly have passed for a ; she said that she had the natural parts of both sexes, and and that she was in a position to use the one and the other.She displayed herself in public and private assemblies of doctors and surgeons, and she allowed herself to be examined, for a small compensation, by those who were curious.But whether the Greeks drew this prejudice from the principles of Astrology or from hermetic philosophy, they cleverly imagined that the was the offspring of Mercury and of Venus.An honorable place is due to the child of a god and a goddess, and this is why legend continues to honor Greek illusions.

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