Hayley and josh admit to dating directory of dating

[Cami finally finds a run-down auto garage and pulls in.There is a car with its hood popped in the parking lot, but otherwise it is completely deserted.They look down at it in shock before Davina kneels and picks up the dagger, which has turned from silver to gold.Davina smiles at him proudly] [Davina can't help but chuckle in amazement.You were born under a planting moon, so it's your mineral totem.It symbolizes healing and courage, and after everything that you've done for our pack, I'd say that's just about right.He's trying to tie his tie, but his hands are shaking nervously, and he frustratedly unknots the tie and sighs.

He leans against the nearby table and wipes the blood from his lip with one hand] [Suddenly, Finn awakens with a gasp, though his burns are not fully healed] [At the Claire tomb, Kol is recovering from his nosebleed, mopping up the blood with a tissue as Davina watches him, clearly concerned] [Rebekah smiles and winks at Hayley before she turns and leaves the room. That means werewolves will be able to turn at will-- we'll be that much more deadly to vampires. Just as they make it into the courtyard, Cami and Elijah, who is now wearing fresh clothes, walk in from the opposite direction.

Klaus pours himself another shot and doesn't turn to face his brother right away] [In Kol's playhouse, Rebekah and Kol are holding both of each others hands as they do a spell to try to heal Kol using a clay golem as they're surrounded by lit candles. She's wearing the wedding dress Rebekah got her, and her hair is loose, with braids on the sides that are secured in the back with small white flowers.

Kol channels Rebekah's power and mutters the incantation] [Suddenly, Kol gets a piercing ringing sound in his ears as his nose starts to bleed again. Hope is sitting on the floor, playing with her toys and cooing happily next to her] [Hope makes a squeaky excited noise and chews on a little teddy bear as she leans into Hayley's face, and Hayley laughs, clearly thrilled to have her there.

And all this time, you were never able to say how you feel about me.

And I get it-- you can't just be the guy who says how he feels.

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