Harry potter dating sim

"Draco shrugged, and in a second or two Harry Potter was standing beside him. Good idea." Harry cried, having been thinking the same. No child of Hermione's, magically inclined or not, could ever be called a squib.""Maybe not, unless she takes the Weasel back."Harry didn't bother to correct Draco's name-calling.

I have to go now before Ginny misses me..."Draco coughed something that sounded a lot like "whipped." Harry smiled undisturbed and continued "Let me know when you have the date and the quidditch player. I have a new wife, she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she loves me. "Ginny was beautiful, but she wasn't the most beautiful.

One such example occurs in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Sybill Trelawney refers to 16 October as Friday, although 16 October 1993 was a Saturday.

This is usually explained as artistic licence on the author's part.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Dursleys are seen to have a flat-screen television, which were not commonly available in the mid-1990s.The skit violates the dating convention by having the characters reference the event, even though for them it should still be the mid-1990s.Often when dates are given, they are given with a day of the week that does not match with that date as it in actual history.The Dating Game Prologue Hermione Granger gave a deep sigh at her friend's words."Seriously, when are you planning to start dating again, Hermione? And not just with me, or Ginny's going to end up killing us.""There's no need for you to get your relationship in trouble on my account, Harry! It has been almost a year since you and Ron called it quits.""Thank you, Harry, for your kind words. I'm a big girl, well maybe not literally, but I can find my own dates.

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