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Learn more by following our tutorial about how to recover an unsaved password.

If you are still unable to sign in, use the website’s password reset feature. For security reasons, 1Password will only fill when you tell it to.

Learn how to configure firewalls, proxy servers, antivirus, anti-malware, and other software.

If the software you are using is not already included in our list there, email us and let us know the name and version of the software that is causing the problem for you.

That it took until now for Google to fix these things seems like a solid indicator that the company doesn't particularly care about the product. In a blog post announcing the new product, Google's product manager for Voice Jan Jedrzejowicz promises "new updates and features to the Google Voice apps." The indication is clearly that this is not a one-off update, that Voice remains relevant to the folks in Mountain View.

Which leaves us with plenty of questions, but one in particular: Google, what are you doing?

Do you use Google Voice, which does most of the same things but has some new features and maybe requires another phone number?

Do you use Hangouts, which does most of the same things, plus a few more, and is apparently for enterprise now but still came built into your phone?

If 1Password fills in the wrong fields or no fields at all, but it fills on other websites, try recreating the Login item for the site that isn’t working.

The most reliable way to get filling to work is to save a new Login in your browser.

If saving a new Login in your browser didn’t work, try saving a new Login in the 1Password app. From the File menu (Mac) or the toolbar (Windows) choose New Item Login.

Google's strategy, assuming (charitably) that there's a strategy at all, seems to be to give people lots of choices.

But the strength of messaging is exactly the opposite: it's a single platform on which we can communicate with our friends, our co-workers, and our favorite brands.

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