Gmail not updating on android phone are emily osment and mitchel musso really dating

If you really want a few widgets on your homescreen, choose wisely and don't overdo it.

Many users who migrate from the i OS platform expect Android to behave the same way. It will make and receive phone calls, check email, and view web pages.

There are certain permissions that should be given only to certain apps. It's only going to drain your battery (and Android does that well enough by itself). Your Android device is not a dumping ground for cutesy apps of the day.

Shut off Bluetooth from within the Settings app and you won't have to worry about added battery drain. If you know you're done flapping angry birds get rid of the app.

No matter how you approach it, don't leave your data open for all to see.

In the case of your Google account, consider two-step authentication. The single most common question I get is, "Why are emails disappearing from my phone or desktop?

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