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Northumbria Police Chief Constable Steve Ashman said in a statement today: 'To date we have arrested 461 people, spoken to 703 potential complainants and have found 278 victims.'In total we now have 93 convictions delivering more than 300 years of imprisonment in addition to today's convictions.'He added: 'Many of us will never understand the traumatic experience some of these women and girls have endured and they have my wholehearted commitment that, together with our partners, we will continue to provide them with all the support they need.During a series of trials that followed, one young person gave evidence on six separate occasions in front of six different juries about her plight.

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The informant claimed he was instructed to plant drugs, hide the fact that an alleged rape complainant had told him she had lied, listen to privileged conversations between defendants and their lawyers at court and put under pressure to do nothing to help the defence.

They have trusted us and we must not let them down.'We have thrown the kitchen sink at this - a team of 50 officers have worked on this inquiry for almost three and a half years and continue to do so. We have employed every technique available to us, covert and overt, in tackling the problem.'Nadeem Aslam (left) was convicted of drugs offences.

Abdul Sabe (right) was convicted of conspiracy to incite prostitution, conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to sexual assault Chief Constable Ashman added: 'There has been no political correctness here.

You will gather when they were involved with the defendants they were leading extraordinary lives.'The prosecution say it was their vulnerability that made it easier for them to be exploited and abused.

They were females who were relatively naive and vulnerable.'They were the victims of organised, well-practised cynical exploitation and were passed between abusers.' A chief constable has defended his decision to pay a convicted child rapist almost £10,000 to spy on parties where it was suspected under-age girls were fed drugs and sexually abused.

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