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Dates are usually better when you leave room for the unexpected: indie (for that, check out artsy-fab Metrograph), but it’s a super-fun experience down in South Street seaport, a trippy and intoxicating destination in itself. Combine the two at this dusky Bond Street boutique, where your date holds the punching bag as you uppercut all your work/family/dating tension away — and then switch. Bonus: The gym is run by pretty-sexy-thang Olivia Young, object of the ultimate guy or girl crush, who also has an office stocked with good cold beer (just ask for one). Might your meal be executed more swiftly at, say, Chinese Tuxedo?

You get pillows, blankets, and unlimited popcorn, plus movie “snacks” from a James Beard winner, and strong cocktails stirred by someone who — no doubt — calls himself a celebrity mixologist. For at the door and no drink minimum (or maximum), there’s no better bang for your date-night buck. Sure (and do go there when you want an equally flawless and stylish date-night resto).

I’m not a prude — I enjoy the occasional naughty URL, and I have had sex more than once in my life (maaaabye twice) — so it’s not like I don’t know where everything goes. Fortunately there are multiple party options for public sexing in New York.

It’s just that, to be honest, no one has a cute sex face, so I’d like to limit the number of people who see mine at a given moment. This time the choice was as singles, but this changes on a case-by-case basis depending on the number of single women that are attending each event).

“Europe” and I made our way across the room to scope it out.

People were busy chatting, sipping cocktails, and dancing to the music.

Before you go off about “what kind of guy takes his date to a sex party,” or “what kind of girl would go on a date with a guy like that? I’m not necessarily an expert on them (I have been to two, including this most recent one), but…I dig it.

In my time here I’ve been on some pretty memorable dates: Chinese massages in the East Village, live music at 2 a.m.

Make sure you reserve a Premium Plus Seating Pod for the ultraluxe, perfectly positioned chairs; your pod is so private, you definitely won’t be watching the movie (-). But Eat With is a really cool concept, involving very talented cooks, and gives you and your date a chance to be part of a community, even for just a night.

, pulls the best comics in the country, and to make the evening even more thrilling, there’s always a surprise funny person on deck. Plus, the prices are reasonable, starting at per person.

Put a hipster at run the gamut from committed couples to friends to singles.

The only requirement is that guests become members first.

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