While he's away work on you so you can become better and still pray for him.

Letting the dog out of her room, to go out the doggy door, her audits heard the soft ' ' as the dog shot out the doggy door. We can speculate what we'd do in our own marriages, but not yours.

Girl its gonna be ok it with time maybe with a lil or a lot?? I had to do it today I was so upset today going through financial hardships no gas, no tv, sometimes food and sometimes barley not, a piece of crap car no ex help, a house thats unfinished loss of employment and frustrated I cried and cried and put my face in my hands and said this is not forever it's is going to workout.

sometimes they wanna watch us fall and come running back . I’m not use to living this way but this is the Im in but it's a matter of how I handle it what is my attititude while Im going through this thing.

Since then, my parents and I have gotten much closer than we were.

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