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For a relatively low budget teen comedy, the overall look of the production is great, with a sharp, detailed image and a warm, sun-soaked tone that's totally appropriate for a summer road trip.

Colors are bright and bold throughout, but the image really pops during some of the outdoor daytime scenes.

Along those lines, contrast is perfectly tuned during daylight, but darker scenes have a flatter look, with blacks that are ever so slightly washed out.

Remarkably, there's very little grain to the image at alljust enough to give it a definite filmic appearanceand fine detail is apparent in facial features and clothing textures.

As a whole, I have to give Sex Drive credit for avoiding the flat, sterile look that a lot of teen comedies have.

Tim Orr's cinematography definitely puts out with a warm, summer of love vibe.

Eighteen year old Ian finally gets the opportunity to lose his virginity when a woman he meets on-line offers to have sex with him if he drives to Knoxville to meet her.

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In reality, the car belongs to Ian's ultra-macho older brother Rex (James Marsden), who's convinced his little bro has "gone gay." When Ms.Unfortunately, the film skimps out on HD audio, giving us instead a meager and halfway flaccid Dolby Digital 5.1 track.The mix isn't bad by any means, but the dynamic range simply isn't as full- blooded as it could be.Just check out the vivid orange/red of Rex's vintage GTO as it tears southbound and sex-ward.Skin tonesand there's ample fleshare definitely healthy, if a hair unrealistic, as faces can veer toward yellow in the saturated sunlight.

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