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If you’re an AVG Internet Security user, you’ll have gotten Webcam Protection with the free security update we pushed to you on September 26. Try it and Webcam Protection absolutely free for 30 days.

- For more information, please refer to software’s manual / user guide or contact the application’s manufacturer for specific troubleshooting.

Note: This feature is only available for staff members (Presenters, panelists and organizers).- Make sure that webcam has been correctly installed.- In order to use the webcam with a chat program, we would advise you to select the Trust webcam as the default video and audio recording device in the configuration menu from the software you are trying to use the webcam with.When you pause webcam sharing, other attendees will still see the webcam box with your name, but the screen will be blacked out until you resume sharing.This does not free up a webcam spot (e.g., if all 25 webcam spots are filled, another attendee will not be able to start sharing their webcam).

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