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It added: “We must see parties commit to a far smaller, proportionally elected upper house.As I was installing Grindr on my Android phone yesterday, I scrolled down to take a look at the list of "related" and "relevant" applications. There, first on the list, was "Sex Offender Search," a free application created by Life360 that lets you "find sex offenders near you and protect your child ... How many potential Grindr users were dissuaded from downloading the application because they saw this listed as a related application?Darren Hughes, the ERS’s chief executive, said: “Despite some minor reforms, the problems of Britain’s broken upper house continue to fester.With nearly one in 10 unelected peers failing to contribute in key ways – despite many of them picking up large sums – we have a democratic crisis in our second chamber.

In total 455 peers claimed at this level during the 141-day session, with daily allowance and travel costs coming to more than £19m for the whole chamber, it added.“Their comparison of members’ claims to average take home pay is undermined by their inclusion of members’ travel costs, which are receipted and are not in any way comparable to a salary.“It is reasonable that peers can claim allowances to cover the costs they incur when they contribute to the work of Parliament.This curious choice would say more about the curator than the applications.Does some part of the system consider the applications' Marketplace categories -- "Social" for Grindr and "Lifestyle" for Sex Offenders Search -- so similar that it thinks users would be interested seeing connections between the categories?

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