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I see three male waiters shoving each other to be the first one to assist us, but another waiter beats them to us.

He pulls out Erika's chair and says, "Welcome to Fook Yu."Erika quickly sits down.

A guy at the table next to where she is, stops talking to his lady and eyes Erika's ass. Men stare at Erika and the women get nasty about it.

The woman at the table sees this and makes face,"That is just so disgusting. Finally, I got bored and we decide to pay and leave. The light in the parking lot is bright which makes Erika's dress transparent.

The food is good and the drinks are great," Joe says to Erika. She shifts her weight, grabs the table cloth and bites her lower lip."What's wrong with her? Just then the waiter comes with our drinks and appetizers.

He stands for a few seconds watching Erika whose trying very hard from moaning out loud. Joe and I smile, and take a sip of our drinks."Ye-yes," Erika manages to say and quickly takes a sip of her mojito.

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I yank her panties down and spread her ass cheeks."Look at Joe," I order and without hesitation I slam my dick up her ass."OOOOhhhh goddd. I hold her waist and start pounding her."Turn the remote ON and set to high," I yell at Joe who pounces off the couch, grabs the remote off the coffee table and sets it to high. OOOOOOO," Erika continues to scream."Turn the remote off," I commanded Joe. I pull out, slap her ass and turn her around and stick my cum covered semi-hard manhood in her mouth. He follows Erika into the living room, his eyes never leaving Erika's ass.By the time Joe sits on the couch, the shirt/dress inches up all the way to her edge of her ass. Nice frilly dollies."The dress material is thin and in the right lighting very transparent.We walk past a couple at a table where the guy sees Erika and drops his spoon spilling his soup on the table.The woman sees Erika and mouths the word slut just loud enough for us to hear then yells at his date for being a pig.

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