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Withholding any of it from Mistress was not even the shadow of an idea. Arousal hit Meredith more intensely now than in the gym, when she’d revealed her mother’s weaknesses to the Instructress. She is also sexually addicting herself to obeying you.” In the gym—the first time—her mother had begged her not to. “Mother has not been under your influence as long as I have, Mistress. .” “Yes, Doctor.” Mistress lowered one hand to Frances’ pussy.

“Your mother seems completely receptive to my control.” Mistress spoke casually. ” Meredith considered what her mother had shared with her since submitting to Mistress’ hypnosis. She is already conditioning herself emotionally.” Frances stood quietly in trance as her daughter assessed her.

She knew her hypnotist was there, and that someone dear to her was also falling deeper under her power. She’d stepped away for something to drink and left Meredith blank.

Then, still far from her own climax, Meredith stopped being able to see or hear. Her hair was swept up and she peered through steel-rimmed glasses at her daughter. Some people might even consider that ‘mind control’ by itself, but they just lack imagination. Then she heard her mother’s breathing, and another sound.

You just won’t ever be able to initiate a thought or action for yourself. She’d been dressed and painted into another fetish robot like Leslie. After this, though, when you think at all, it will only be to accept anything I’ve told you, until I tell you something else. ” “You won’t need it, dear.” Her mother kissed her cheek. I’ll stay free—or—or—I’ll make you burn out my mind like . Its volume started to pulse, too, in synch with the lights. She opened the door, paused, stepped through, paused, and closed it.

“I may be a mad scientist, dear, but I’m not “Thanks to Lesbot, your robotization won’t destroy your mind—just realign it forever! “And, well, if you do get mindwiped, you’ll become a really obedient daughter. Look to your left.” Meredith obeyed, and found a mirror. Something fed more beeping into her ears, with electronic noise behind it. She snapped left again, close enough to brush the other robot’s silvery breast with her arm. Like a mime, she broke her movements into separate parts, as if Merebot’s task buffer only had room for single actions. bot is pro.grammed for lute ” Clare winced, and it broke her fixation on Meredith.

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“Well—that’s what I’ll tell them to get them to enter the robotizers. Her mother could watch Meredith pose and strut as she obeyed.

Frances’ head floated between her hands as she accepted this truth, too willstripped now even to nod.

Yes.” Mistress grinned as Frances winced in ecstasy at the next touch.

” Her eyes blazed and she gestured, sweeping the lab coat for an alluring glimpse of soft skin. With my irresistible robotizer, I can bring everyone to the same state of complete obedience! I can program everyone to be happy, productive, truthful, and docile.” There was the slightest shift in her smile. She whispered breathlessly to Mistress, and Meredith realized there were minicams in these rooms, too.

All that nonsense about ‘free will’ and ‘autonomy.’ As if that’s ever accomplished anything but bring the human species to the brink of self-extinction! “bot ” Her mother walked her through the unoccupied rooms, getting used to the novelty of being her daughter’s puppeteer.

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