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What the promotions do is actually waive payments of that interest rate, as long as consumers meet their obligations under the terms by paying the bill off in full by the end of the term." This change also must show up on account solicitation materials and new account disclosures."The Fed tweaked some of the disclosure rules," she says."So no more hair-trigger losses of deferred interest payment plans.As long as you pay your bill and make the minimum payment, even if it's a few days late, you won't lose the benefit of the deferred interest promotion." Payment must be applied to highest rate first.Spurred by changes in federal law that became effective Feb.22, 2010, retailers have added minimum payment requirements, increased warnings about the consequences of not paying off a balance after the promotional period expires and lengthened the amount of time these plans run.It's not easy, but a workaround does exist to create an Apple ID without entering your credit card.If you go into the i Tunes store and sign up for an account via the regular dialogue box, you'll be forced to put in a credit card to continue.

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Statements must include warnings in last two months before payoff deadline.

If you click on this app to 'buy' it, you'll be taken to the login/sign up box again.

If you input your details in this one, however, the credit card page will give you a 'none' option for payments.

The way to avoid this step is to get through to this dialogue box from a different location.

Instead of clicking 'sign up' from the top bar, go into the i Tunes store (not signed into any i Tunes account) and find a free app.

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