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Here’s another, one that was just broadcast live for all to see: Cats can be devoured — [The cat people vs.bird people war has made it to federal court] In this particular case, by what seems to be a very hard-core eagle couple that resides in eastern Pittsburgh, and whose domestic life is streamed live on a web cam. BUT once you alter any of the very specific conditions that allow us to thrive here on Earth, we basically fall apart. "moss piglets"—are dainty little eight-legged walking sacks of goo that live literally all over the world (most species are slightly larger than the width of a human hair).It's not just human bodies that are wimps in the grand scheme of things—all animals have similar limitations. Our planet is home to a animal that puts the rest of us Earth organisms to shame: The water bear. While they seem particularly simple in design, they are truly phenomenal creatures.

Like James Cameron's actors in Avatar, your in-game doubles could wince and grimace with you in real life.“While many may cringe at this, the eagles bring squirrels, rabbits, fish (and other animals) into the nest to eat multiple times each day,” the society said. If you don't have an answer, it's not your fault.Sean Connery, I thought, was pretty damn convincing, and I silently enjoyed watching myself wear the old Scot's mug—my i Mac transformed into a mad, mesmerizing mirror—while my coworkers toiled on around me wearing no countenance but their own.Øygard's isn't the first face-substituting effort, citing a project by artists Kyle Mc Donald and Arturo Castro as inspiration.But its real-time operation is pretty impressive (it relies on Web GL and works best in Chrome).

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