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When I was a student at IIT Madras, my dream place to work was Bell Labs. One of the preliminaries was getting a phone instrument.They told me that it would take a week to get a phone assigned.Let us take a typical enterprise: they started with IT department with pay roll in the 70s.The brought in PC’s for client/server programs to create small apps for their customer relationship management.The problem is that these technologies are moving really fast.If you standardize and build all the ecosystem — the assets, the processes, the training, the hiring — then, what happens if the technology becomes outdated?Specifically, we will look at: We will look at all those questions in the next article.

Unless we manage both sides — standardization and innovation, we will not succeed, as a species. Despite what all the fiction books or movies tells you (“Be yourself”, “Work out your own way” …), standardization is a good thing.

They tried to write lot of apps, but eventually wisely moved to SAP.

In the 2000’s, they rewrote parts of SAP in Java on the web. All in all, their focus was to take the requirements and use the right COTS application.

It is the difference between a small group of brilliant people and a large group of people working as a team.

Standardization helps in many ways: All in all, standardization plays in many ways in spreading innovation to the masses.

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