Finn and rachel dating

“It’s great to write Rachel with somebody different.” Where does all this leave ‘Finchel,’ who ended the season essentially broken up?

The EP says the split “will stick” — for now at least.

“Now she’s a woman and she’s been through a lot and she’s achieved a lot.

So she approaches boys differently, with a different kind of confidence and a different kind of maturity.

Memories: Lea Michele took to Twitter on Thursday to share this picture of herself and Cory Monteith at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in June 2012, writng: 'an amazing org that Cory and I supported together' Fortunately she has friends to lean on during this difficult period of adjustment, with the same source adding to People that she 'doesn't like to be alone.

Her friends have really been helping her through it.

— before turning the clocks forward for a peek into everyone’s futures. ) and becomes the surrogate mother for Kurt and Blaine’s child (!!!“I want Rachel and Finn to have a happy ending,” he insists.“I think the idea is that maybe they end up together, but a lot can change. Mer doesn’t, however, get back together with Sam — despite his incessant texts.* Kurt and Blaine live an expectedly fabulous life in New York, where they serve as inspirations to the tiny gays of all five boroughs.

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