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, the network follows five American-born suitors and their journey to find love with their foreign lovers who use a special “fiancé” visa.

Season 4 will feature five engaged couples who have 90 days to meet the family, book a venue and say “I do” before their foreign-born partners are forced to return to their home countries. ” Nicole, who has a 20-month-old daughter and has never traveled outside of the United States, says in the clip.

, we’ve see Mercedes Javid, aka MJ, dating the delightful misfit Tommy Feight, 37.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs but I’m learning how to check my ego at the door, and learn relationship tools to be a strong and better woman.

Fortunately, the couple’s split did not last for too long, even though MJ’s mother Vida would have loved for the two to permanently break up (if she still feels that her daughter should not be with Feight).

Though Tommy doesn’t blend in with the rest of the Shahs, he is a refreshing addition to the cast.

This season, we’ve seen MJ and Tommy go through fertility testing in order to plan for the future.

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