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I think we need to stop feeling sorry for our selves and focus on being involve in our communities, and who know some hot young woman might even notice, and let nature take its course.

Friend, Im a disabled person, or should I say, A man with a disability, and it dont make a darn bit of difference whether your disabled or not, and if there's some who say it makes a difference they not US who aren't worth knowing to start with.

The only thing I can't do for myself is get up those pull down stairs to change the A/C filter or address a roof issue.

” Another offers, “Cocksucker Hosting for Straight Guys - Stop By, Get Sucked Off, Go” — but specifies, “You need to be basically straight (wife, girlfriend, date girls, not gay).” A more creative ad entices, “MARRIED? Not that I was expecting anything different, because this week a new study found that one in 10 “m4m” ads seek men who do not identify as gay.

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Have any of you had any experiences with physically disabled men? Whether it was satisfying or not...please be honest; mature in your responses. Men are encouraged to think about this as it applies to women with physical disabilities too! I personally dated a handicapped guy for over 6 months. He had major walking issues and several types of crippling arthritis.A 2005 CDC report looked specifically at non-gay identified African-American and Latino men who have sex with men. Studies have found that among non-gay identified men who have sex with men, it is more common to receive oral sex and perform anal sex.As one respondent said, “A man having sex with a woman is more emotionally based. You at least try to pick up on her and flirt and romance. As this latest study put it, “This preference for insertive behaviors may not only contribute to the perception that these men are more masculine and dominant but may also serve to preserve their own self-image as masculine and heterosexual.”The CDC report found that these men felt that “the word ‘gay’ represented a lifestyle or identity that was more than the physical act of having sex with another man.” As one man put it, “Gay is flamboyant, someone who doesn’t mind letting people know he has sex with men and that’s his attraction.” Another respondent explained, “People are gay when there is emotional attachment to the other person.I personally have no qualms dating a person with physical limitions . They are human with feelings the same as anyone else. Sure I will bait your hook , want to take a drive around town and you cannot drive.. Your helment is hot because you have to wear it all the time .. I had been with a woman that couldn't walk on her own. I am fit and healthy ( 26 mile Marathon ) all my other bits work (2 kids as proof ) but as soon as you start chatting with someone on POF and you drop the "Disability" bomb on them, its "ok I gotta go take care"It's all bloody relative.I have friends that are limited to what they can do. I've found out there are some women I wouldn't date if I was healthy.

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    After all, Sweden is one of the world’s most gender-egalitarian countries.

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    Like any online dating site or social networking application, it’s always wise to take measures to protect yourself.