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Entrance to the gallery is free of charge and everyone is welcome.You'll be able to browse all Robert's wonderful original paintings, limited edition prints and giftware, which are all available to buy and take away on the day.Joy sat at her desk and stared at the two stacks of order logs piled before her, one on each side of her keyboard.The stack on the left contained orders she'd already entered that day, and the one on the right contained those yet to be entered. (full text) The best galleries that took 1st place by the monthly voting results would receive our main year prize of US 00.Visitors will be able to turn, push and crank to see many of the pieces in action, while other pieces will have films to show them in motion.Amongst many others some key makers and automata promoters explored in the exhibition are; Sam Smith is seen as the grandfather of contemporary automata!

There will also be a free family-friendly workshop with Fire the Inventor on Saturday 24 September from 2-5pm where you can create your own automata then connect it with others to create a long snaking line of cams, colours and shapes!A recognized authority on wildlife, Robert often appears on television and regularly writes about his wildlife subjects for the Yorkshire Post newspaper.Gallery: Visit Robert's wonderful gallery in Thixendale, North Yorkshire which is open every day including Sundays (except some bank holidays).The Crafts Council Collection holds some wonderful examples of his work, some of which will be shown in the exhibition.Paul Spooner is a dedicated automata maker and has been perfecting his making process for over 30 years.

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