Exception occurred updating the sas metadata repository denise bixler dating

• Backup Copy jobs should no longer report errors during the days when source backup jobs are not scheduled to run - for example, during the weekend.• Added support for certain Hardware VSS Providers that previously could not be detected by the storage rescan process, and as such could not be used by the jobs.• Jobs will now retry failed snapshot creation when another shadow copy of the same volume is already in progress, instead of immediately failing to process a VM." error while processing a backup job with WAN storage optimization setting.• Increased maximum amount of open files for Linux data mover to improve backup reliability in cases with a very large amount of concurrent tasks hitting the same repository.• If the same ESX(i) host is added to Managed Servers both as a part of the v Center, and as a standalone host, the jobs fail to remove VM snapshots correctly.• Replication job does not truncate Microsoft Exchange transaction logs when the corresponding setting is set to "• Issues introduced with Windows Server 2012 R2 Update (April 2014 rollup), see KB1863 for more info.• Very large amount of parallel tasks may cause in significant delays (up to a few minutes) between assigning required backup infrastructure resources to the job, and the job actually starting to leverage those resources.• Replication jobs do not truncate Microsoft Exchange transaction logs regardless of the corresponding settings state.• Processing of virtual machines with long dash symbol in the file name fails with the "• During full VM restore and Sure Backup job, Domain Controllers may spend longer than required in the DSRM mode (up to 10 minutes – until the corresponding timeout expires), thus unnecessarily delaying DC recovery.• Increased timeouts for network-less application aware processing of v Sphere guests to improve the chance of processing completing successfully.• Backup Copy configured with multiple backup jobs as the source does not include VMs which are excluded in one source backup job, but included in another.• Health Check process continuously fails with the "" error during the periods when the Backup Copy job is restricted from using network bandwidth.• Backup Copy is incorrectly marked as failed despite completing successfully when source or target WAN accelerator becomes unavailable (for example, due to the network issue and reboot) during the period when Backup Copy job is waiting for its availability.• Disabling failover to network processing mode on a backup proxy causes intelligent load balancing not to assign the backup proxy to jobs running with storage snapshots integration enabled.• Under certain circumstances, backup from 3PAR volumes may fail with the "" error when SAN snapshots is picked as the recovery source.

Set to 5 to make the job delete the entire contents of the root backup repository folder, thus potentially deleting any files belonging to other jobs along.As a result, the restored file may have some of its parts corrupted.• After installing Patch #3, tape library and its media pools are shown as offline.A duplicate tape library without media pools is shown as Online instead.• Failing to remove VMware VM snapshot is incorrectly reported as informational event instead of warning.• v Sphere 5.5 support, including support for 62TB virtual disks and virtual hardware v10 virtual machines.• v Cloud Director 5.5 support.• Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 as guest virtual machines (VMs).• Added ability to limit maximum amount of active VM snapshots per datastore to prevent it from being overfilled with snapshot deltas.Attempting to start the restored VM results in "").Such disks cannot be created with v Sphere user interfaces, and are usually a product of P2V conversions or similar activities.• Backing up VMs with non-default working Dir parameter from v Center Server 4.

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