Evan lysacek dating anna trebunskaya

A year later she took the USA Amateur Youth Standard Championship in Ballroom.

While her major focus is Latin dance, she is skilled in all forms of ballroom as well as trained in Pilates and Yoga for dance conditioning.

She continued to enter and win many amateur and, later, professional titles, moving to the United States with her parents at age seventeen.

She returned in season five to be partnered with the fashion model Albert Reed, but their physical grace didn't work as well - they were voted off the show in the second round.

Season six saw Anna Trebunskaya partnered with the actor Steve Guttenberg, but they only did slightly better, being the third couple voted off. She took a break from competing, though, trying her hand at Season 9 partnered with Chuck Liddell, and in Season 10 with U. Olympic Gold medal figure skating champion Evan Lysacek.

Anna Trebunskaya was inspired to take up dancing back in her native Russia, where her parents - who were professional ballroom dancers - owned a dance studio.

She entered her first competition at age 7, and has won several titles since then.

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