Erotas dating

I find them boring together, and hope they stay apart. I don't like the character of Ektora, as I believe he is arrogant and I don't like how he has treated women in the past. Having said that, however, I believe that Aphroditi and Ektora had wonderful chemistry together and if Aphroditi comes back, I wouldn't mind if they got back together, if they can make Ektora a more likable character, especially since they share a child together. My favorite characters on Erotas ever would have to be in order 1) Aphroditi 2) Nandia 3) Reno 4) Tania 5) Leuteri My least favorite characters would have to be 1) Ektora 2) Marko 3) Mirto - Although I must say that I am liking her much better as the days go by!

I am upset that his character had to be ruined in the last moment because the actor was leaving the show. I hope they get together soon, and I hope Nandia breaks up with Stefano, she deserves so much better.

I hope that Ektora and Mirto do not get back together. I also love the new characters of Tania, Dimitri and Athina.

The show was much more interesting with Aphroditi in the show. I hope to see Leuteri return one day, it would be an interesting storyline. Please let Reno and Nandia get married, I will be very disappointed if they do not reunite.

She is ostracised by the entire family and commits suicide as a final demonstration.

Antigoni, blames her parents Mirto and Stefanos for never accepting Vera into the family, driving her to commit suicide, and leaves Greece and the Doukas family permanently venturing off to London.

See full summary » The night club "the River" situated in the small Greek city Livadeia is looking for a music group to perform there for a few nights.

Many different musicians come from all over Greece and many funny incidents take place among them.

See full summary » Panagiotis (Argyris Bakirtzis) and Giannis (Lazaros Andreou) are two good friends but also rivals in love.

She joins Martha in Kriti and disappears from the show altogether.

However, Martha was recently seen in flashback sequences when Renos was reflecting on his failed relationships, after he and Fedra broke up.

At the start of the second season months have passed since the tragic explosion at Martha's farewell party.

Andreas, who sets a bomb in Martha's house makes a last minute leap into the house upon seeing young Eva's face.

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