English women dating german men

Did the emergence of the Italian Stallion and French charmer all those centuries ago cause the German species to evolve in the other direction – nature’s way of balancing things out for the women of Europe?

Fiona*, who’s been living here for 2 years, wasn’t at all surprised when I suggested that it was difficult to get to know men in Berlin: “Oh absolutely, you have to be really pushy here – German men never make the first move.” And Carola told me that in all her life, she had never once been chatted up by a German man: she is a native Berliner. My flirtatious encounters to date have been mostly unmemorable and rarely romantic.The numerous “flirt schools” and flirting workshops across the country would barely survive the close of a business day somewhere in the Med.And recently, an article that appeared in several publications compared flirting habits across cultures.For example, a British guy was discussing to an American woman about plastic surgery and what procedure would she choose.The woman said breast reduction and the guy retorted and said he would choose penis reduction.

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