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But it was her high-profile performance as Ray Charles' loyal second wife opposite Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx in "Ray" (2004) that turned her into a major star.

Also at the time, she was the lead in Spike Lee's "She Hate Me" (2004) and achieved blockbuster status as Alicia Masters in "The Fantastic Four" (2005) and "The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" (2007).

Birthdays are a time of gratitude for 40-year-old Kerry Washington, whose smash hit ABC drama Scandal is ending after its upcoming seventh season.

' prodded Ellen, to which Kerry confessed: 'That lasted for a week,' by the end of which her education professor mother Valerie 'was like: "You are the worst."''Really? ' said Ellen, but Kerry went on to reminisce that her mother 'was like: "I hate yoga, and you may not be able to live here if you keep doing this."'Asked about her current exercise regimen, the mother of two remembered: 'You know what I did when I was pregnant that I really loved?

Balancing major studio films with smaller acclaimed dramas, she delivered a strong performance as Idi Amin's out-of-favor wife in "The Last King of Scotland" (2006) and shined in the ensemble drama "Mother and Child" (2010) and Quentin Tarantino's Western "Django Unchained" (2012).

While she made a number of appearances on television, Washington was never the star of a series until "Scandal" (ABC, 2012- ), a red-hot drama where she played a fictional version of real-life crisis manager Judy Smith.

'Ellen added: 'It's a fun class,' and Kerry crowed: 'I love water aerobics! Yeah, and we're nude - ' earning a massive laugh from the room before she assured everyone that she was only kidding.

With the show's mainstay Stephen 't Witch' Boss moderating, Kerry and Ellen also faced off in a game of Five Second Rule, in which each contestant hears a 'category' and then has the titular amount of time to rattle off three things that apply to it.

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