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This is working: In both cases, the dropdown is displayed correctly, and the initial value is correctly selected. When I look at the generated HTML markup, this is a part of it: Hello ICT, The html of the rendered popup is expected.

Widget renders a un-ordered list of LI elements for text values (defined via Data Text Field) in the data source (defined in this case with Bind To method).

For example, pre-populating or hiding a block of form fields, resetting lists, changing how calculations are done, etc.

dropdownlist selected value not updating-55

Don’t worry about the underscore (_) signed I used with subject name, I’ll replace it with white space in controller action.

This approach will be very similar to second one, here we will use Enum instead of Subject model class.

This approach will be useful if you don’t want another database table to store list of subjects and to go simple.

Unfortunately, the way Acrobat Events work can make this a slightly confusing task to set up.

But, with a little knowledge Combo Boxes really are easy to work with.

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