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Most tests will be tests to see if you’ll allow her to CONTROL YOU. The more you pay close attention, the more you’ll see the subtle tests that women are using with you.

If you DO allow a woman to CONTROL you, you will lose. You will lose in one way or another, almost guaranteed. And the more of these tests you pass, the more success you’ll have.

Do not wow her with grand romantic gestures only to just have a one-night stand.

Unless both of you agree on having only sex with no strings attached, do not raise false hope and dash her down when you're done with her.

Although what you're about to read in the next few paragraphs might not bring you any closer to that fantasy, it can certainly help you add to your repertoire the necessary skills on how to attract a woman. If you are really interested in someone, be sincere in your advances.

I’ve been through this one so many times in my life that it HURTS.

When a woman nags, whines, or complains, she’s testing you. If she tries to cancel plans at the last minute, you’ll say “Oh, no problem”.

If you meet an attractive, interesting, emotionally healthy woman, you can expect to be tested until either: 1) The relationship ends. WHAT WOMEN ARE TESTING FOR Now, women will test men for ALL KINDS of things. Some will test to see if you’ll SPEND your money on them. And if you ARE, then you might as well throw in the towel. As a side note: There is one exception to this rule. Let’s say you’re at a bar talking to a girl, and she says “Hey, buy me a drink”. To say it differently, you need to learn how to RECOGNIZE tests quickly… What’s the best way to know when you’re being tested?

But BY FAR, in my experience, more women will test you initially to see if you’re a WUSSY! The VERY FIRST thing a woman wants to “know” about you is whether or not you’re a submissive, ass-kissing boy who has no balls. Or maybe you’ve started a conversation with a group of girls at a coffee shop. You say “Oh, well I wasn’t planning on seeing anyone important today… In one way or another, you probably missed some VITAL clue that you were being tested, and you wound up failing. HOW TO DEAL WITH TESTS If you’re going to successfully deal with tests from women, you first need to “get it”.

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