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A hundred, from various countries, had been granted citizenship, with another 400 expected within weeks.

The Spanish government was taking 8-10 months to decide on each case.

Most applicants must pass tests of knowledge of the Spanish language and Spanish culture, but those who are under 18, or handicapped, are exempted.

A Resolution in May 2017 also exempted those aged over 70.

In 2015 the Government of Spain passed Law 12/2015 of 24 June, whereby Sephardi Jews with a connection to Spain could obtain Spanish nationality by naturalisation, without the residency requirement as explained above.

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1,000 had signed before a notary and filed officially.

"to opt") for Spanish nationality: Spanish nationality by option must be claimed within two years after their 18th birthday or after their "emancipation", regardless of age.

Spanish nationality by option does not confer "nationality by origin" unless otherwise specified (i.e.

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