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But in my experience, I’d say that the typical average is two to three times a week.That was also the figure in the American Sexual Behavior Study, a 2006 survey reporting that the average frequency of sex for married couples went from about once every two-three days for couples between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine, to about twice a week for couples between 30 and 50, and less than once a week for older couples.

Tegan Jones Tegan is the commercial editor for global publications Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker & Business Insider.

The study explores couples’ sex lives as they age (surveyed were men and women from age 57-85).

According to Waite, the main obstacles in maintaining a healthy sex life as men and women age are “illness, disease and declines in functioning that often appear with age.” The amount of sexual activity declines with each decade, naturally.

If a couple is emotionally equipped to deal with normal physical challenges that arise with age, they can enjoy a healthy sex life.

“Our research suggests that physical health challenges can be met if men and women maintain their mental health,” Waite explains.

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