Dlink validating identity

You will also have feelings that you know aren't justfied.If you fight the thoughts and feelings, or judge yourself for having them, then you increase your emotional upset.Level 6: Radical Genuineness In terms of self-validation, this means being your real self and not lying to yourself.It means that you don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.Guessing your emotions and thoughts based on the information you have will help you learn more about yourself.

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Validating yourself by saying, “It’s acceptable and understandable that you are afraid of arguments because when you were young, your parents would hurt each other during arguments." Level 5: Normalizing Sometimes people who have intense emotions don’t see any of their emotional reactions as being normal. At the same time, it’s just as important to validate when others would feel the same way and accept that as well.

You are not your behavior, yet changing some of your behaviors may alleviate some of your suffering.

Self-validation is one of the critical steps for living with intense emotions. Practice and more practice will help you self-validate more easily.

At the same time avoiding emotions often results in quite negative consequences, while accepting allows emotions to pass and helps build resiliency.

Being present for yourself validates that you matter and that you have the strength to feel.

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