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Professional cheerleading eventually spread to soccer and basketball teams as well.The 1980s saw the beginning of modern cheerleading, adding difficult stunt sequences and gymnastics into routines.

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Cheerleading is very closely associated with American football and basketball.Competitive cheerleading is scored subjectively based on components including, but not limited to, the cheer itself, dance/choreography, pyramids, stunting, and tumbling.In order to prevent injuries, there are certain rules that cheerleading teams have to follow according to their level (high school, all-star, or college).Cheerleading organizations such as the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA), founded in 1987, started applying universal safety standards to decrease the number of injuries and prevent dangerous stunts, pyramids, and tumbling passes from being included in the cheerleading routines.In 2003, the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE) was formed to offer safety training for youth, school, all-star, and college coaches.

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