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He never want to do that but his foster father will punish him if he doesn’t do that.

Hyun Jin want Jaejoong to consider her as his sister and share his problem to her.

Hyun Jin accidentally sees it and she tries to prevent it but she gets injured and fainting. When knew about what’s happening with his wife Hyun Jin, Yoochun is very jealous but still he can’t tell Jaejoong that Hyun Jin is his wife and he gets angry to Hyun Jin who endangers herself and they are at loggerheads until the next days.

Hyun Jin sends a massage to Yoochun to meet her in a garden since today is her birthday.

Hyun Jin is very annoyed because Yoochun got in to a fight again, whereas they have promised to Yoochun’s Mom that Yoochun will do his school well and get into the best university.

Leur vie est alors bouleversée lorsque Su Hyeon est transférée dans l'université où étudie son mari, elle enseigne dorénavant dans sa classe.He hugs Hyun Jin and they are in tender-hearted again.In the morning, Hyun Jin and Yoochun are having a chat in their garden, meanwhile Jaejoong who has fallen in love with Hyun Jin comes while holding beautiful flowers. A few days later, Hyun Jin is anxious since Jaejoong doesn’t attend the class. When Hyun Jin calls Jaejoong, the boss tells her that he will kill Jaejoong if she doesn’t come. Junsu who know about it tells to Yoochun and he also follows Hyun Jin.She really wants to make up her relationship with her husband in the garden which full of their beautiful memories.Rain start falling down in this night, she sad beause Yoochun hasn’t come yet but suddenly Yoochun comes and brings a birthday cake.

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