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After several years working in the advertising industry and eventually pursuing SCRUFF, I decided last year that it was time for a change. I’d also like to be a dad one day – the parent kind.I recently purchased a home in my hometown of Las Vegas. What our readers might not know is that SCRUFF is more than a dating/hookup app. SCRUFF, the “dating, travel and social networking app of choice for a community of more than 11 million gay, bi and curious guys worldwide” has more than 50,000 profiles in Phoenix and more than 75,000 profiles throughout Arizona.

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We are so pumped to meet the community and host a great event for you guys.Skandros: SCRUFF’s mission is to connect gay men to one another and to the global gay community.We have definitely become more diverse over the years, and you certainly don’t have to be scruffy in physical appearance to be on SCRUFF.I have amazing friends and family there, and I enjoy the peace and quiet of the area I live in. Can you share some of the ways in which SCRUFF has made a difference in the gay community?Skandros: Giving back is important to us at SCRUFF, and that’s why we created Benevol Ads.

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