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If anything I think it’s attractive when a women initiates.

However, if you want to be in a relationship where you’re equally pursued, be sure to leave enough room for him to pursue you, too. Honoraries (Marquis) 450 publications in 80 venues DANA SPIRIT AWARD/2009 Oxford Roundtable St.

This isn’t a blatant game, in the sense of wait-three-days-and-then-do-this or when-he-does-this-it-means-that.

I don’t see any issue with offering your number first or saying “this interests me, what you doing Saturday? When we get into the adult dating world, it’s very, very easy for those so-much-more-socially-skilled women to direct their assertiveness and social savvy toward dating.

” permalinkembed [–]Cherries And Peachesfemale over 30 1 point 59 minutes ago I think it’s perfectly reasonable for women to initiate. You know how girls growing up tend to be socialized to be a lot more socially sensitive, connected, emotionally aware? If you’re not careful, you can end up driving the whole thing and wind up with a guy who just doesn’t have the skills to be an equal partner. If he can’t or won’t get it together to ask you out, plan a date, whatever, don’t do the work for him. So–nothing wrong with pursuing someone if it’s what you want.

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