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All my ideas for sequels to Whippersnapper are essentially romances.

However, I know from experience they won’t turnout that way. Posting something new on my blog every week consumes a lot of my writing time.

My rapidly approaching retirement has changed the way I think about money.

The difference between wants and needs is a lot clearer.

The stick inside of her ear doesn’t appear to hurt, and the double beep indicating the test is complete means time to eat. My affection for Independence Day stems from the family reunion picnics my mother’s family put on every year when I was growing up. They married, and all but two had children of their own.

Several of Mom’s aunts, uncles, and cousins also attended, along with an assortment of close friends of the family.

I just expected readers as a group to have more integrity. All readers aren’t criminals, of course, but stealing is against the law. I’m not sure readers understand that sending ebooks to friends or downloading from a pirate site is stealing too. Advanced Macular Degeneration (AMD) prevents me from seeing like I could twenty years ago.The story picks up two and a half years after the end of No Good Deed (the second Philip Potter Story).Returning characters For Harold Clarkson’s high school graduation, Philip Potter and George Walker take Harold and his pal Abigail Dombrowski to New York City.Dealing with a pet’s chronic disease can be expensive.I worried about the cost and what I would decide to do.

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