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My colleague Samir Behara attended the Artificial Intelligence workshop and blogged about it – All the workshops started in the morning and my flight didn’t get in until noon so I missed those but I was able to attend the BUILD Developer Day event on the Microsoft campus.Julia Larson kicked off the event welcoming the crowd of 125 customers and explaining this was the first time they had invited this many customers to talk to the product teams at once to get feedback and improve the products. The explained it would be like “speed dating’’ where each customer would be assigned to a table and various Microsoft engineers would rotate to the table every 20-30 minutes to learn about how the customer used various technologies and ask questions.I'm getting into some 3D modeling and animation with blender so I'll be posting some of that work.EBSCO sent me and 4 other developers to the BUILD conference again this year.I spoke with 6 different sets of engineers all of which asked interesting questions and were fun to talk to.All the engineers were looking for opportunities to improve their products.From SQL Server containers to Docker support in Visual Studio and Service Fabric, Microsoft knows container technology is a big deal and they are working hard to support it everywhere.

Microsoft did a great job at BUILD highlighting large customers using Azure and . I’m not sure if its actually better than years past or I just noticed it more this year.I have written several posts about how convenient the Windows Subsystem for Linux has been.Now Microsoft is making it even easier to install it and providing more choice amongst Linux distributions with the additions of Suse and Fedora.No big announcements here but continued progress toward . Related to this, Joe introduced their new Microsoft Fluent Design System which looks really impressive.Two new 1st party applications were announced focused on helping users be more creative: Story Remix and Timeline. Timeline utilizes the Microsoft Graph to track files/interaction over time and allow more efficient searching across the timeline.

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